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Welcome to the Stress-Free Navigation videos. This page will go live on 22nd August, 2019 when Stress Free Navigation is published.

These videos are available via QR codes throughout the book which can be scanned on your phone or tablet. For eBook readers the videos are embedded in the book. However, hardback readers and eBook readers may wish to view the videos here. I have included the Page number to which each video refers. If you have not got a copy of the book, this can be obtained by Clicking here

Some of the videos will require a password.

The clue to the password can be found at the end of Chapter 3 The Chart on Page 28 in the information box at the bottom. It is the first word of the title for the box, it is 4 letters long and is case sensitive.

Page 19 On Board

Page 25 The Chart

Page 26 Rocks, Wrecks & ObstructionsThe Chart

Page 38 Position

Page 45 Magnetic Variation $ Deviation

Page 66 Computation of Tidal Rates

Page 73 Estimating Position

Page 80 Running Fix

Page 92 The Practical Application of Course to Steer

Page 101 Tidal Heights

Page 111 Secondary Ports

Page 134 The Coriolis Force

Page 143 Passage Planning

Page 150 Anchoring

Page 157 MOB Lifesavers