Useful Information

1. Flag Etiquette for UK Registered Vessels

Flag Etiquette for UK registered vessels updated as at 27th Jan 2019 Westview badged

2. Everything you need to check before setting off

Departure Checklist

3. Everything you need to check when chartering a boat

Chartering checklist

4. The VHF Mayday voice call – MIRPDANIO
Dorothy Lee – a Hallberg Rassy 352 yacht – has hit a submerged rock and is holed and sinking. She has sent a DSC Distress Alert and this is the Voice Call – MIRPDANIO.


And here is a Generic version of MIRPDANIO


5. Lights & Shapes on vessels so you can identify what they are doing, according to the IRPCS

Lights and day shapes March 22nd final