Stress Free Sailing

By definition couples sailing alone have to do everything for themselves. They leave the berth, set the sails, helm the boat, trim the sails, navigate, anchor, pick up mooring buoys, enter harbour, moor up and all without the help of any extra crew. So they need to carry out these manoeuvres efficiently and effectively, with as little physical effort as possible.

Stress-free Sailing is the answer to single or short-handed crews’ prayers – a step-by-step handbook addressing the most common sailing situations that anyone cruising will have to manage. Here you will find clever, highly effective and successfully tried and tested shorthanded solutions for dealing with everything from getting off and then back onto the dock in a variety of wind and tide configurations, sail setting and reefing, picking up mooring buoys and anchoring, to sailing in heavy weather and new techniques for man overboard retrieval, all clearly illustrated with straight forward diagrams, photos and explanations. 21 QR codes dotted throughout the book link to online video demonstrations of many of the techniques in action.

As single or short-handers you have to plan carefully, prepare properly and be able to anticipate. This book will be a godsend to anyone sailing single or shorthanded, packed, as it is, with original techniques for coping in every situation.

We now also have Dutch, German, Swedish and Polish editions of Stress Free Sailing!

What readers are saying?
SH. This is the most useful sailing book that I have read. Full of great ideas and a must read for all cruising sailors. I’ll use it frequently as a reference guide.

TY. A great read from someone whose passion for sailing shines through – a small volume packed full of useful tips even for the experienced yachtsman who thinks he knows the ropes inside out.

IF. Some simple but brilliant ideas that nobody else seems to be telling you about. Why have I had to wait this long for a common sense cruising companion?

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