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Welcome to the Stress-Free Motorboating videos. These videos are available via QR codes throughout the book which can be scanned on your phone or tablet. Alternatively you can view them here. I have included the Page number to which each video refers. If you have not got a copy of the book, this can be obtained by Clicking here Certain videos have been password protected.

What readers are saying?

“Been waiting for this book to come out and haven’t been let down.
It’s full of useful info and tips to make boating easier. It covers all
the main areas needed and more.
It’s all written in layman’s terms and brilliantly illustrated. By using your
QR reader on your mobile you can get direct links to videos to show you all
points in the book.
It’s a brilliant and practical book. A must for any power boater.”

“Brilliant practical guide for motor boaters from novices to the experienced.
Despite 30 years of motorboating, whenever I open this book I keep saying “Well…… I never thought of that!”
A fund of good, practical tips and ideas to make boat handling simpler, safer and all the more enjoyable. And with excellent links to practical videos.
Handling a boat solo is no longer a worry.
An excellent guide and highly recommended, whatever your skill level”

Password Clue hard copy and eBook Book readers
The clue to the password can be found on Page 115 at the end of the Anchoring Chapter of the book Stress-Free Motorboating – Single & Short Handed Techniques. It is the first word of the Glossary on this page and is a five letter word. The password is case sensitive.

Page 18 Coiling & Finishing a rope

Page 21 OXO

Page 22 Setting up slipped lines

Page 25 Lassoing

Page 27 Useful knots

Page 29 Klemheist & Prusik knots

Page 30 Rustler’s Hitch

Page 31 Tugboat Bowline

Page 51 Making the boat go sideways

Page 54 Turning the boat 180ยบ

Page 67 Knots – Overhand, Doubled Bowline, Alpine Butterfly & Bowline on a Bight

Page 71 Getting Off – Slipped Stern Line and slipped bridle

Page 72 Getting Off – Bow Bridle

Page 70 Ferry Gliding

Page 83 Getting On – Stern Spring, Stern Bridle, Midship Line

Page 101 Picking up a mooring buoy

Page 119 Barge Handling on and off the dock

Page 121 Mooring a barge to a river bank single-handed

Page 127 Coriolis Force

Page 142 How to service a lifejacket

Page 136 Frog Course To Steer

Page 146 Amy Nielson gets Barrie back on board

Page 149 MOB retrieval demo inc Lifesavers