MOB Lifesavers

We don’t go down to the MOB…

                      …He comes up to us.

An MOB Lifesaver is hand-made from ultra High weight Molecular PolyEthylene, also known as HMPE (the same material from which Dyneema® is made.) The Lifesaver is spliced into a loop and a triangle is formed in one end. It is incredibly strong. It will lift over 2 tons! A Lifesaver attaches to the lifting loop/becket in a lifejacket. When the lifejacket inflates the Lifesaver is available there on top of the bladder and easy for the rescuer to grab with the boathook. With the Lifesaver in hand, they can then secure the MOB to the boat while they set up their retrieval rig.

Lifesavers (RRP £19.95) are available from all good chandlers. Lifesavers now come with a sacrifical pouch, which you can fold the Lifesaver into, and a tag saying ‘Lifesaver – Fitted’, which you attach to a zip or ‘D’ ring or indeed anywhere on the lifejacket to let you know you have a Lifesaver inside.

They are also available online here for £19.95 plus P&P to the UK.
Please contact us for P&P outside the UK

Lifesavers are endorsed by Hamble Lifeboat and a contribution from every sale goes to Hamble Lifeboat to help them build their new boathouse as a thank you for their help in developing and supporting Lifesavers.

Here’s a video of our live demos at the Southampton Boat Show 2019


We had an amazing London Boat Show and did 2 live MOB retrieval demonstrations each day. Here’s a video where Barry Neilson of Sailing Holidays is retrieved by his daughter Amy Neilson. That’s 17 stone of man lifted on deck by 7 stone of woman using a Lifesaver attached to the lifejacket and an 8 part Harken tackle.

Read Reece Marcus Martin’s MOB Recovery report which favours MOB Lifesavers.
MOB Dissertation

4. Yacht. Grabbed by hand


We are pleased to announce that Lifesavers have been approved for inclusion in the following brands of lifejacket – Seasafe, Spinlock, Baltic. Other brands are being tested currently and we will be making announcements shortly. Of course anyone can add what they like to their life jacket but we need to understand that doing this to a brand new lifejacket when the jacket has not got the approval for the addition of the Lifesaver would invalidate the approval certification for the lifejacket. We are also developing a ‘rope to chain to rope’ sling in a canvas cover so we can bring the casualty out, who may be hypothermic, in the horizontal or seated position.