Our coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster course runs over 8 weeks, one night a week from 1830 to 2130 and then a weekend, Saturday 0930 to 1730 and Sunday 0930 to 1330. The cost is £475 per person plus £25 if you require a set of dividers and a plotter, although you should have these from when you did the Day Skipper course. All the material you will require for the course is included – the RYA Yachtmaster pack with 2 charts, a Yachtmaster booklet, an Exercise Book, a CD Rom Chart Plotter, a Training Almanac and the Westview Yachtmaster notes folder, including the schedule for the course and a list of the weekly homework, plus the answers to the homework questions. Students also have free access to the Tutorial Videos for the duration of the course.

Yachtmaster Course content. The fundamental elements are the same as on the Day Skipper course. The only difference is that we go into greater detail at Yachtmaster level and there is a Colreg paper that we need to gain 80% in, to pass the course.

Nautical terms; Types of Sailing Yacht; Parts of the Yacht; Types of Motor Vessels; Parts of the Motor Vessel; Sailing Theory; Ropework; Anchorwork; Safety; International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisons at Sea (IRPCS); Position, Course and Speed; Charts and Publications; The Compass, Magnetic, Fluxgate, Gyro; Magnetic Variation; Deviation; Tides and Tidal Streams; The Tidal Hour; Dead Reckoning; Estimated Position; Course To Steer; GPS; Waypoints; Visual Aids to Navigation; TidalHeights at Standard Ports’ Secondary Ports; The Running Fix; Weather; Passage Planning; Pilotage; Navigation in Restricted Visibility; The Marine Environment.

Next course; Planned for Oct/Nov 2019 – 8-week course, cost £475. Call 01753 890555 for details. Exact dates to be confirmed.

Enquiries 01753 890555.